Why Choose Tupperware?

There are some brands that are seen as more expensive because of their name. It could be easy to place Tupperware into the same category…

But there is a lot more that goes into Tupperware than meets the eye. You may be asking the question, isn’t plastic just plastic? What’s the difference?

Well in Tupperware’s case, the answer is there are many reasons why our products are still loved and used across the world after more than 70 years. Products are known for their longevity, quality with a lifetime guarantee, yes, but from a usability perspective there are many other benefits. This is why there are so many self proclaimed “tupperholics” around the globe.

If our products were not made exceptionally well, and from high grade materials, we could not have offered a replacement guarantee for manufacturing defects for more than 70 years.

Here are the top reasons why Tupperware stands out as a favourite (one you’ve experienced Tupperware products, you’ll understand how much time and money they save).

1. It takes 3 – 4 years of research and development before a product is released.

That’s right, Tupperware products go through a rigorous R & D and testing process to ensure what is promised in kitchen storage and food prep product is delivered – and more.

You might be wondering how a food prep or storage container can be more than just a place to store dry goods or prep for a meal.

In actuality there are a lot of considerations you can think about like:

  • how long contents can last for, freshness is desirable when cooking or baking
  • how visible what you are storing is (and accessible) when you need it
  • how to keep critters out so you are not throwing out food
  • how much time can be saved and convenience
  • how to maintain the taste and texture of food
  • how to reduce clean up
  • how to maximise oddly shaped or small kitchen spaces (but still have easy access to them)
  • how NOT to throw out products regularly due to short life span, warping or heat damage (think lunch boxes or frypans)
  • how to stop leaking when transporting food and drink
  • how to make meal times easy because you are organised and have tools designed with real life usability in mind

    Three to 4 years of research and formulation might seem a bit over the top and unnecessary, but the company wants you to have the BEST experience possible when using the the product. To do that products need to be designed for the purpose intended (e.g. freezer, microwave etc) and tested to make sure they do.

    By testing these products in real life use situations, features and ergonomic design can be built in to make the user experience as good as possible.

    The number of times we hear “oh that is clever” or “that’s handy” when a feature of a product is demonstrated is too many to count.
2. Patented Design

Did you know that the first patent issued to Earl Tupper, founder of the Brand was for a double seal, for a Wonderlier bowl. If you’ve ever seem Aladdin the cartoon movie or heard of the Tupperware “Burp” this is referring to the airtight seal created by the “reverse paint tin” Tupper Seal.

Because there is a seal over EACH edge of the container, inside and out, an air tight seal is created, so you need to lift one corner of the container lid and push down the centre to release extra air.

This is where the famous burp originated from. Many of our products are air and water tight, and feature different versions of this unique design. This is why flour can stay fresh and bug free for up to 7 years.

We tested this theory during lockdown, eating our way through food that had been stored in Modular Mates for 7 years! Fresh a daisy (or should I say banana muffin).

3. Partnered with Nasa – Tupperware takes to space to help astronauts diets.

Image Copyright and courtesy of Nasa (read article on their website below). Howard Levine, Ph.D., a research scientist at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida, reviews the growth of several tomato plants in a laboratory in the Space Station Processing Facility.


4. Engineered Materials Fit For Purpose.

Not all plastic is made equal and not all plastics are easily recycled, some become brittle when frozen and some can leach chemicals when heated.

Tupperware makes products with all of these considerations in mind. Materials are specifically formulated to be:

  • Non toxic
  • Long lasting yet recyclable
  • Engineered for specific purpose to extend the life, taste and texture of fresh, and frozen food
  • Highly functional, for example, our Heat N Eats range is designed for left overs, meal prep and meal planning. Any time you want to be able to stack pre-made meals in containers in your freezer, yet be able to reheat the whole container quickly in the microwave you can. The plastic these meal prep containers are made from are “invisible” to microwaves. This means you are only reheating the food, not the container. This speeds up the reheating process considerably while retaining taste and texture of your food.
  • Guaranteed to last. Products are lifetime guaranteed against manufacturing defects. This is a rare benefit offered by a food storage container company.
  • Responsible and Sustainable. Tupperware products last a lot longer, so you don’t have to keep throwing out warped or broken containers, thus contributing to plastic waste. We are committed to “Circular recycling” which means taking as much plastic out of the environment and putting it back into useable products.
  • Did you know our brand has been voted one of the most responsible companies globally.
5. Designed to avoid food waste, saving money on food bills.

Did you know that flour can last up to 7 years in Modular Mates (which is why they are one of our more popular ranges). They may cost more initially to buy because of the quality materials and patented design, but the savings add up when you are NOT throwing out stale, weevil or ant contaminated food. Or how about the food that you buy too much of because you can’t see way back in the corner of your pantry so you bought another packet you didn’t need.

Clear Mates can keep ham fresh for 7 days instead of 3. Their glass like appearance allows you to see what you have available and of course they stack nicely together.

Vent Smarts have vents on the seals so your vegetables can “breathe”. Did you know vegetables expire gas, ethelene to be precise.

6. Stackable (Like Lego for adults) to maximise space

Most of our products are stackable, (and nestable one inside the other) so you can make the most of the tiniest space, or the weirdest shaped pantry spaces. You can see at a glance what you need to buy more of, and you can buy different sizes depending on what staples YOUR household actually uses the most of.

Tiny freezer, no problem. Freezer Keepers are designed to fit a lot of food into tiny spaces but still allow airflow between containers, due to the curved base, to avoid icing of your freezer itself and the food stored in it.

No Pantry No Problem
7. Looks outstanding – visual organisation satisfaction.

Mess and wasted space is a thing of the past with Tupperware. Because products can stack, make it easy to view contents and help you maximise space, they ticks all the boxes.

Why is Tupperware so expensive compared to cheaper shorter life products?

To get the most factual answer you really need to look at all the benefits and what they save you financially, environmentally and time wise.

Is Tupperware worth it?

If it saves you money because you’re not wasting food (the average household throws out $20 to $40 of food per week)…

If it saves you time meal prepping so you have ready meals in a flash, frozen ready to be reheated all in the same container…

If you can see what you need at a glance and keeps your food fresher so you are not buying more than you need (and throwing it out later)…

If you are not throwing out the actual containers themselves, because they wear out faster, or lost their shape…and you are not contributing to unnecessary environmental pollution…

It’s actually an investment. Most people gain back the extra cost on their containers just from the food wastage factor, especially when it comes to vegetables. They taste nicer too!

Other products:

Did you know Tupperware also have a Micro Pressure Cooker so you can make slow cooker type tender meals in under 30 minutes. Our cookware is top of the line, and our knives are affordable yet quality.

The Supersonic Range of choppers make prep super easy.

Have a browse through our ranges here:

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