Did you know Tupperware is now fully online? You can do everything from shopping, to completing a warranty claim. You have the option to select a consultants name at checkout.

With an online account there is no need to keep a paper copy of your proof of purchase (if you have a paper receipt, we recommend you keep a photo of it for your records) should you require assistance in the future.

Please note that warranty has always covered manufacturing defects, not impact damage unexpected use. You can refer to the resources below to determine what is covered.

Our Famous Product Guarantees
Tupperware Warranty

Our products have been proudly backed by our famous Tupperware and Q (Quality) Guarantees for more than 50 years, so you can buy with confidence.

Tupperware Brand products are guaranteed by Tupperware New Zealand and/or its parent company, Tupperware Brands Inc., to the original owner, to be free of manufacturing defects and to perform under normal domestic conditions for the lifetime of the product*.

Our goods come with additional guarantees that cannot be excluded under New Zealand Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.

Our guarantees do not cover reasonable wear and tear through normal use, or the misuse, abuse or alteration of products. Only the original owner of the product is covered by our guarantees.

Tupperware shall have the right to determine if the item is defective and, at its option, replace it with a similar or equivalent item, or provide credit toward future purchases of Tupperware® brand products. Warranty replacement requires shipping the product to Tupperware at your expense.
What is covered?
COVEREDManufacturing defects

Stress cracking (excludes impact damage and crazing)
Plastic warping (not caused by overtemperature cooking or items older than 30 years which are not dishwasher safe)
Chipping (excludes snapping from force and impact damage)


Warping dues to heat (heat and eat valves not. being opened can cause this)
Damage to seals due to being forced on to base incorrectly causing them to be loose
Crazing (this can be caused by excessive heat or some dishwashing liquids/powders)
Metal Parts
Print coming off
Melting or warping due to overtemperature cooking
Impact damage from being dropped, forcibly stacked or crushed
Cracking due to incorrect storage (i.e. drawers being closed on item)
Broken/snapped off edges (chipping is covered but not when snapped by force)
Product misuse
Nibs in turbo or extra chef snapped due to overfilling or rough use/cleaning
General misuse
Damage caused by insects or animals
Lost parts
Items not previously sold in New Zealand (determined by mold numbers on products)
Fading and discolouration
Use of product outside of specification
Cookware used above 230°
Cookware discolouration or scratching from use in dishwasher (as per instructions with cookware)
Heat crazing from extremes in temperature
Cut marks in silicone (any part of item)

Sending in a claim does not constitute automatic acceptance. Items will be accepted or declined on an individual basis after physical inspection.

All items are sent to Tupperware with the full understanding that they cannot be returned whether the claim is successful or not. Where possible and as per government guidelines, we will recycle warranty items.

As per the consumer guarantees act, warranty covers products purchased new in New Zealand and only applies to the original purchaser. By registering an account, you are able to retain a digital record of your purchases which will help you with any future claims.

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Is there a limit on how many claims can I do?

Yes. You can submit one claim per month with a maximum of 6 items per claim.

We do keep a record of previous claims. Please note that our system may flag and hold any claims for review that fall outside of normal criteria for investigation.

Also note that as per CGA guidelines, warranty applies to the the ORIGINAL purchaser of the products.​ Any credit given outside of this is on a discretionary basis.

I purchased my product outside of New Zealand. Is it covered here?

Molds, mold numbers, and models of products can vary between countries and may or may not have been sold in New Zealand. Parts sold elsewhere have been purchased from a different entity. That entity remains responsible for any claims and replacements for the life of that product.

Our warranty team have decades of experience and a comprehensive history of mold numbers indicating each products origin.

How do I submit a claim?

Please note all claims must be accompanied by a completed claim form. For faster processing, please include the QR code on the outside of the parcel.

Also note that as per CGA guidelines, warranty applies to the the ORIGINAL purchaser of the products.​ Any credit given outside of this is on a discretionary basis.

Can I ask a Consultant to process or assess my claim?
No. To support consistency and trackability, all warranty claims are evaluated by Tupperware New Zealand’s experienced warranty team.
Why don’t you send out replacements any more?
The reasons why we no longer do this include:

1. This avoids requests to send back substitute parts for an exchange.

2. Allows customers to shop at the same time as selecting replacements to take advantage of free shipping.

3. Allows customers to track replacement orders to their door.

4. Ensures the value of the replacement item is recognised against the correct customer account.

5. The claimant automatically has a digital record of ownership.
Why do I have to return items?
1. Claimed parts need to be taken out of circulation, as they can only be claimed once.

2. We are able to ensure correct part numbers have been submitted so that we can provide a suitable solution, or alternative solution.

The need to sight warranty claims is not unique to Tupperware and is required by most companies.

Why do I need to return the complete item?
We can only provide value for items physically sent in. By sending in the complete item, we are able to provide a more complete solution.

The exception to this rule are Modular Mates which are currently sold separately i.e. bases and seals.
If my claim is rejected, will you return the item(s)?
No. Please keep this in mind when submitting items for warranty claims.
Do I have to pay freight when I redeem my credit?
No. As part of your warranty claim, we allow a single transaction where you may purchase alternative and additional items and receive free freight. You will see this at checkout.

Please note however that you will have to send your items to us at your cost.
How will I know what has been accepted or declined and understand the value I receive?

You will be able view the details of your claim including what was accepted or declined and the value offered in the final email we send you when your claim has been processed. You will also see this in your claim status dashboard by hovering over the “Status” icon.

The items, what was accepted or declined and the value given is specified. Links to specific replacements may be included for your convenience.

How we determine a value:

Our warranty team will credit a replacement value for items or parts thereof which are currently available. If an item or part is no longer available, particularly if it is an older item without a comparable replacement, our experienced team may use a formula to determine the value of an item.

Please note: Tupperware was founded over 70 years ago, and has been in New Zealand for 50 of those years, so it is not possible to stock all parts in circulation worldwide.

We will endeavour to offer as much detail as is practicable. Please keep in mind it is not always possible to offer details of replacement value for the purpose of direct comparison to products no longer manufactured or available.

Please see the question “Why do I need to return the complete item?” for an explanation of what you need to send in so we can offer the most complete solution.

What happens to my parcel when it arrives at your warehouse?

To protect our staff, we are operating under a contactless delivery system. Our staff do not sign for parcels but they are left by the courier who automatically assign a signature. This averts triggering late delivery updates in their system.

Boxes then go through a two step receipting in process in our warehouse. Our staff will scan the QR code if you have placed this on the outside of the package. Otherwise they will use the email address provided by you to lodge the receipt of your claim. This status change triggers a status update email which is sent to the claimant. The parcel is then moved to next bay and processing team.

Warranty updates are sent to your email address. The email you receive when your claim is first submitted will contain a link to your claim status dashboard. An example of this is in the screenshot below:

If your claim was submitted on or after the 11th Feb 22 and you have registered an account on our website, you will be able to log in and view your claim status in the My-Account area.

Why is this only applicable to the 11th Feb and onwards?

We have been working hard to improve the warranty system for New Zealand customers. We realise it is important to keep you updated on the status of your claim.

The previous Australian based system did not support customers to the level we needed, especially in the current COVID affected climate. We have been developing a customised system for our New Zealand based claimants. We appreciate your patience during this period.

The new warranty system addresses the following known issues:

  • Emails: the new system records emails that have been sent for our tracking purposes which is a great improvement from the prior system.
  • Tracking: claimants can follow the progress of their claims and outgoing parcels from their dashboard.
  • Solution: claimants have the opportunity to select an alternative item should their claim relate to a discontinued item.
  • Oversight: claimants have a clearer view of the whole process.
I have received a damaged item in a recently delivered order. What should I do?

You do not need to place a warranty claim for items delivered within the last 14 days. If you have a damage issue with a recently delivered order, please submit an order ticket here for a prompt reply and replacement.

None of the questions above are applicable to my situation, how can I contact you?

Have an account with us? The fastest way to get help it so lodge a support ticket via the button below:

Don’t have customer account or your claim was submitted after the 11th Feb 22? Contact us below:

You can have confidence that we are continually working to improve our systems and level of service to you. We appreciate your feedback in helping us along the way.

I agree to the following as part of my claim (click to START CLAIM)

IMPORTANT: As all claims are final and cannot be revised after completion, please check the “what is covered” and any other relevant sections above before sending in your item(s). If your claim is for a recently purchased item, but older than 14 days and the item is still stocked in store, you can send in only the broken part for replacement.

  • I will register for an account to login and check my claim status.
Example of dashboard
  • I may submit 1 claim with up to 6 items within a 30 day period.
  • Submission of a claim does not constitute acceptance. Claims may be declined after inspection.
  • By submitting a claim I understand that items are NOT sent to me directly, that I need to go through checkout to ensure there is a record of replacement and so I can track my parcel.
  • I am the original purchaser (owner) of the item(s) claimed as per Consumer Guarantees Act.
  • I understand that all warranty claims are final. It is my responsibility to read and understand required steps, and I may not resubmit an item or part thereof after it has been processed.

Consultants are not permitted to accept warranty items on a customers behalf. We DO NOT charge an inspection fee for warranty but do require items to be sent back to us to take them out of circulation. An email is sent notifying claimants when a parcel has arrived at the warehouse and after processing.

Issues with orders purchased within the last 14 days can be submitted via our ticket system.

Did you know: we recycle broken Tupperware including Warranty items. Thankyou for doing your part by sending in items so we can recycle them responsibly. You are contributing to our sustainability policies.

Here are some Tupperware products made from recycled products. Read more about our policies.

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