Food Storage Containers

Organising your pantry with airtight food storage containers is easy with our stackable Modular Mates. Maximise pantry space, keep dry goods fresher for up to 10 times longer, and keep creepy crawlies out. Store food in other areas of your kitchen with cleverly engineered fridge and freezer containers. Choose containers that allow you to maximise cold spaces and see what is in them at a glance. 

Modular Mates pantry dry food containers are airtight, due to their patented double seals. Flour stays fresh for up to 7 years, and just as importantly, keep bugs out. 

Clear Mates glass like appearance allows for easy viewing of meat and protein based products. Protein based foods like cheese or meats stay fresh for longer due to the material formulation they are made from. They are stackable too, so you can fit alot of food in a small space. 

Heat N Eats go from the freezer directly into the microwave. They reheat faster because they are made from engineered plastic which is invisible to microwaves. This means when reheating, you are only using power to heat the actual contents of the container, not what it is stored in. Re-usable, microwave safe containers that make meal prep a breeze. 

VentSmart vegetable storage containers are ventilated as the name suggests. These allow veggies to release ethylene gas and allow oxygen in at the right rate so they stay fresh for up to 5 times longer. No more bendy carrots or wilted broccoli.

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