How to become a Tupperware Consultant or Social Seller

Earn with Tupperware

How you can earn more income to spend or save each week.

As most of us who have any presence online know, online shopping is how most people purchase now. There are a lot of gimmicky products on social media, so companies with recognisable trusted brand names and high quality products are more important than ever to consumers.

You can now be an online seller with no monetary outlay. We can show you how.

Anyone who is interested in selling products with a name for quality and design and make a healthy income as an affiliate, can enjoy a real, long term lifestyle income with Tupperware.

Without needing any Social Media skills to start or having to be a camera loving extrovert (unless you want to).

There are a few things to look for when choosing a brand online to work with and create the life of abundance and freedom that working online can provide you.

  1. A brand name that people know and trust. Tupperware has been around for 75 years.
  2. Generous remuneration for brand representatives.
  3. Good conversion rate – if you send people to our website, we make sure they can find what they want and are happy.
  4. Ongoing income, you are not just trading hours for dollars.
  5. Fantastic resources for you to use and share such as videos, images, product guides and more.
  6. Able to work from home in your time – or out while doing what you do anyhow (just with your phone camera).
  7. The program has features you can use for promotion and for accurate tracking of your own sales.

Thankfully, with decades of experience, we know what is important & how important it is to offer the right tools and resources to share with customers.

You can earn an ongoing income by demonstrating the extra benefits of Tupperware products in your daily life. We can afford to pay you to do this because we don’t have stores, and from a customers perspective it is important we have a team of brand representatives using and demonstrating the many benefits of the products so our customers can get the absolute most enjoyment from the products they purchase. There are so many features to share.

Why do we have so many Tupperware lovers (aka Tupperlovers) around the globe? Because they have experienced the benefits first hand, and at some point, someone has most likely demonstrated those benefits to them.

That’s where you come in. If you enjoy cooking, healthy eating, time-saving, reducing waste, and love to share what you know combined with top notch tools for the kitchen – you’ll do well.

Who doesn’t love excited happy customers who love owning Tupperware, interacting with, and learning new things starting with kitchen organisation tips and tricks?

And then there are the many FREE bonuses you can earn when you join. Optional training is available.

If you are really serious about starting a successful online business, Tupperware has everything you need to get to the “earn while you sleep” level we all want. Know you are representing a brand people have been enjoying for over 70 years now and still counting!

A win-win for everyone is what we are looking for. How about you?

How to get started. Three options: FREE Social Seller, $99 kit or $349 kit

There are two kits with basic products you can use and showcase. These range between $99 and $349. A very small investment to get your business started.

You can also get started for no outlay as a Social Seller (new to Tupperware NZ)

Online Social Media Or Blog

Do you have one or more social media accounts that discuss/share topics that align with products?

  • You can use our creatives or create your own to promote our content and products via affiliate links.
  • Measure your success by tracking visits, Campaigns and sales with our comprehensive tracking options.
  • Product training and guides are also available.
  • As a well-known brand, Tupperware is understood to be a high-quality feature-rich range.
  • Demonstrate the features and benefits through recipes of food storage tips.

Online Parties Or Social Media Posts

Like to party for a living but want to do it online?

  • For those of you who enjoy hosting demos, cooking and generally interacting with people, this might be for you.
  • Your hosts and participants can earn rewards for hosting parties with their mates online or in-home.
  • The way in which you choose to demonstrate how our products benefit your lifestyle is up to you.
  • A host can share a party affiliate link, if their friends buy something, they can earn rewards just for sharing new customer sales with you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Becoming A Consultant

What Does Being A Tupperware Consultant Involve?

You can work from the comfort of your own home with Social media (Facebook, Pinterest, TikTok or Instagram). If you’re a social butterfly you can still do in-home parties. There’s plenty of training if you want it, whatever suits your style and lifestyle.

Do I Have To Do Parties?

No it’s not compulsory. You can be a successful consultant whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert. Alot of consultants do online parties once they find out how much fun they can be. But it’s no longer a requirement. There are alot of other customer benefits too since we launched our new website.

How Many Hours A Week Do I need?

week. If you attend online training, you’ll learn what other consultants do. Our consultant community (Tupperfamily as we call it) love to share their knowledge and support each other on the journey.

Will I Be Pressured To Achieve Specific Targets?

No, you will have a small minimum sales figure to maintain every month to earn your discount/margin, but unless you want to become a manager there is no pressure to introduce new brand representatives. We do have many monthly perk levels where you can earn extra products.

How Much Product Knowledge Do I Need?

We can train you on Tupperware product knowledge but you’ll also learn a lot just by participating in events and sharing resources and product tips. If you love Tupperware (like so many people do when they use it) the enthusiasm for the product and all it can do speaks first itself. But you do gain confidence as you go and you can share all the resources we give you to share on social media if you’re new.

What Does It Cost To Join & What Discount Will I Get?

Social sellers start for FREE. Kits start from $99 and go to $349 with RRP values between $300 to $988 so it’s really a no brainer. If you follow the onboarding program you can earn all of your kit cost back in 8 weeks and earn by telling people about your experiences while being guided by a manager. You can deck out your kitchen with the proceeds or spend it how you like (new shoes and wardrobe perhaps?). See our onboarding program and kits below.

How Quickly Can I Start Earning?

Right away. You’ll get a login to your Dashboard.
You’ll see a link to share. Funds will be paid weekly into your account. There are many tools to help you link to other pages but to get started, it’s really that easy!

What If I Just Want Earn On Facebook Or Instagram?

Great. You can! We provide consultants with content to share/post and give you ideas so you can come up with recipes or other content yourself. Some people just like to use what we give them, others like to get creative and do their own as well as their confidence increases. We recommend posting at least once a day, if you want regular income, but some people love posting quotes and interesting posts from other sites on their Facebook VIP accounts. We also have newsletter templates (these are very popular).

What Is The Sales Structure?

We have a direct sales structure which means two levels – consultant or manager. Everyone who recommends products direct to their customers online via their own link is rewarded the same. If you step up to manager, obviously you will get renumerated for sharing your experience with your team (just like managers in other direct retail stores do).

How Much Can I Earn As A Consultant?

How long is a piece of string? If you are wanting a few hundred dollars per week of “independence money” to 5 figures a month. If you want to replace a full-time income on your time and your terms, it’s up to you.

Training + Mentoring

Enjoy flexible training and mentoring and join a supportive network of likeminded, passionate entrepreneurs.

Work Online

Optimise your social network and sell online. We give you great resources to share and benefit from.

Self-Promoting Career Path

Do things at your one pace, then step up if and when you’re ready. How fast you progress is up to you.

Rewards + Discounts

Qualify for amazing rewards, including all-inclusive holidays, gifts and exclusive discounts. Enjoy company sponsored perks?

Flexible Hours

Choose your own hours and work around your family and lifestyle. A business that works for you.

Business Made Easy

No packing, No deliveries. No collecting money.

Car Program

Drive a company car in as little as three months with our achievable car program. You grow at your own pace.

Great Income

Earn commission on every order form day one. Grow your income as you build your team.

Growth & Learning

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to create passive income? There has never been a better time to start. See onboarding bonuses:

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