U-series Maxi Knife Set

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The right knife for the right job makes life in the kitchen so much easier. Do you want to dice vegetables, fillet a fish, slice a tomato or cut some cheese … Using the designated knife will make the task in hand much easier and enjoyable!

This incredible set comes with everything you need including 7 knives, knife block & handy scissors.

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  • U-Series Paring Knife | 19.3cm
  • U-Series Serrated Utility Knife | 27.1cm
  • U-Series Filleting Knife | 32.8cm
  • U-Series Chef Knife | 34.6cm
  • U-Series Utility Knife | 24.1cm
  • U-Series Cheese Knife | 27.4cm
  • U-Series Bread Knife | 34.5cm
  • TupperChef Kitchen Scissors | 22cm
  • Knife Sharpener | 20 x 6 x 15cm
  • U-Series Knife Block

Key Features and Benefits

  • Durable and long-lasting, ergonomically designed knives
  • Balanced cutting action
  • Attractive and modern, easy to clean


  • Hand washing only and towel drying for best results
  • Spots may appear on the blade which can be easily removed with a commercial stainless steel cleaner
  • Professional sharpening recommended
  • Do not dishwasher


  • Q warranty
  • Blade – G warranty



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