Extra Chef Chopper Blender Mixer Whipper

$162.00 NZD

Prep like a pro – Tupperware Extra Chef help you create  an endless variety of delicious meals! quick tasty pasta sauce, spreads, salsa, samba, dips and mouth watering desserts. Versatile attachments, including the blade and the paddle.  Use the funnel attachment with etched measurements for precise adding of liquids and to monitor your contents.

The Tupperware Extra Chef is much faster and less effort than a knife.  As part of our Timesaver collection, the large 1.35L capacity makes it perfect for daily use saving you time and space Extra Chef PDF

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Assembled Extra Chef with the pull cord cover: Ø 15.60 x 19.50 cm high
Assembled Extra Chef without the pull cord cover: Ø 15.60 x 16.20 cm high
Capacity: 1.35L with graduations up to 1.2L


  • Curved sharp blades for fast chopping, paddle whisk for mixing and whisking and a funnel for adding liquids
  • Pull cord is highly efficient and quiet
  • Detachable blade & whisk allowing replacement of the blades with a paddle whisk attachment


  • BPA Free
  • Hand wash only
  • Fridge Safe
  • Q Guarantee
  • Not recommended for the exclusive use of abrasive or hard ingredient preparations
  • The mechanism in the top cover should not be screwed or unscrewed as this will damage it. Opening this will void your warranty
  • Keep out of reach of children



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