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Keep your furry friends’ food safe and fresher for longer. This premium range of pet food storage containers store and dispense dry foods, and are designed to organise your food cupboards and make the most of the space. Designed to fill from large base and pour from precision spout, its unique feature of the range is the first-in, first-out concept. Perfect for homes with dogs, cats, even budgies, fish or guinea pigs!

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1L (750ml fill capacity)* |  | 20 x 11 x 8 cm


  • Unique first-in, first-out concept, the oldest contents are used first from the top, and the canisters are refilled from the base by removing the large seal.
  • A clear window on the top continues down one end wall, allowing the contents to be easily identified, on the shelf or on the table.
  • The dispensing hole on the top is positioned at the edge of the canister, so the contents will pour easily with a smooth flow and avoid leaving crumbs on the edge.
  • The generous tab on the smaller top seal is easy to lift to open and the seal stays open while pouring. The ridges on the side walls give a comfortable grip.


  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Dishwasher Safe


*Why are there 2 different capacities?
There are 2 measurements that are used at Tupperware.  Usable capacity & to the brim capacity (E.g Brim capacity is when you fill the 3L pet container with water – to the brim, it has a volume capacity of 3L).  When Tupperware generates the product molds, they work on a ‘reasonable fillable space’ (taking into consideration, allowing some space at the top), this is what is printed on the actual container. Both measurements are correct, it just depends on what you are filling it with.