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Every household needs a good pair of kitchen scissors! These chef-grade, stainless steel blades separate for easy and thorough cleaning. The soft handles are comfortable to hold with pressure spread evenly between the hand and the tool. Super effective for cutting everything from cardboard to string, or ingredients such as raw bacon, fish fins, fresh pasta and fresh herbs.

Two ears on the tip of the handles have been developed to position on the 3rd or 4th finger outside, or inside the loop if preferred, for comfort.

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L 22cm


  • For left and right-handed use, they are comfortable for all the different hand grips when continually in use.
  • Small serrations on the inside of one blade help to grip the item being cut.
  • Open completely and the blades separate for thorough cleaning. They’re just as easy to re-assemble. Scissors will only separate when blades are in the fully open position.


  • Lifetime Guarantee on handles
  • 30-day Q (Quality) Guarantee on blades
  • Handwash only


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