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Let your imagination be your guide with the Fusion Master Sorbet Maker. Easily create your own fruit sorbets inspired by the flavours of the season. Add sugar or enjoy the taste of your ingredients on their own. Just assemble, fill with frozen, diced ingredients that have stood out for 10 minutes, press with the plunger and begin turning out fresh sorbet.

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  • 26.5 x 27cm (assembled)

Key Features and Benefits

  • Sturdy bond to the countertop due to suction base with vacuum action. Just turn the ring to the locked position to attach to any countertop.
  • The flower-shaped spout turns out pretty ribbons of sorbet while the spout gasket prevents leaking.
  • The large opening makes it easy to fill with frozen ingredients.
  • Mess-free: Two gaskets and screw connection point designed to prevent leaking.


  • To clean the Fusion Master Sorbet Maker, disassemble the product completely. We recommend cleaning all parts of the Fusion Master Sorbet Maker immediately after use.
  • The Fusion Master Sorbet Maker is dishwasher safe. However, it is recommended to wash and dry the metal parts and the foot by hand. The foot is washed by soaking it in clean soapy water and rinsing it under clear, running water, or should be rinsed in clear running water immediately if washed in the dishwasher. Gently pull down the silicone tab of the Suction Foot to release water.
  • Never use any accessories or parts from other manufacturers or your guarantee becomes invalid.
  • Clean the Screw by separating it into two parts by holding the end of the screw body in one hand and unscrewing the screw head by turning in the direction, as indicated on the screw body. Then thoroughly wash and dry the Screw before storing.


  • Lifetime Warranty | Metal components covered by Q Guarantee. (T&Cs Apply)