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Help save the environment one shop at a time with this reusable shopping bag set, designed to fit any standard supermarket trolley! Simply fan the bags out across the top of the trolley, and pack your groceries the way you want! Use the biggest bag at one end for bulkier, lighter items & smaller, heavier items at the front in the smallest bag.?

The trolley bags are strong and durable, perfect for frequent use and heavy items, with the largest holding up to 10kg and the smallest bag, up to 8kg. Simple to detach each bag at the boot of your car, thee bags help to make unpacking a breeze when you get home.

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Dimensions (cm):
Flat: L67 x W19 x H22
Expanded: L122.5 x W22 x H57
Includes 4 Trolley bags, each a different size.


  • Q Guarantee
  • Machine washable


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