Recycled Microfiber Window Towel (2)

$29.00 NZD

Shine and polish your windows and glass surfaces with minimal effort using this virtually lint-free Recycled Microfiber Window Towel!

Use it in your car or household to de-fog and polish windows that need a bit of TLC and notice the difference instantly. Made from recycled materials that were destined for landfills, Tupperware’s ingenious design combines 80% recycled polyester materials with 20% virgin polyamide. What a win-win!

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  • Set of 2 | 40 x 41 cm

Key Features and Benefits

  • Sustainable: Made of 80% recycled material post-consumer sourced (like disposable bottles) it helps you contribute to the planet’s wellness
  • Waffle Weave. The “honeycomb” texture makes this towel excellent for washing windows, glass and shiny surfaces without detergent while minimising streaking at the same time.
  • High Absorbency: Eliminates drops of water that can dry and leave unsightly spots.
  • Virtually lint-free: Leaves your glass and polished surfaces perfectly clean. You can also use it wet to remove condensation
  • Reduce & Reuse: Our reusable Microfiber towels help you reduce the use of disposable paper towels
  • Economical: The towel can withstand many washing cycles, and even more if you do not use detergents

Try This | Spread butter on a mirror, then clean it with a paper towel to show how it leaves residue. Next, clean with the Recycled Window Towel and see how the grease disappears in two swipes!


  • Hand washing recommended before first use for optimum performance
  • Wash your towels separately the first 3 times to avoid transferring colour
  • Machine wash on cold or up to 60°C with laundry detergent. Any higher might shorten the lifespan of your Microfiber towels
  • For best results, put towels in a separate bag in your washing machine
  • Do not use fabric softeners, dryer sheets, chlorine or bleach
  • Do not iron, dry clean and avoid using dryers


  • G warranty (T&Cs apply)



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Recycled Microfiber Window Towel (2)
$29.00 NZD
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