$604.00 NZD

Level up your pantry organization with our famous Modular Mates® dry storage containers, now in a limited-edition “Get it All Set”. This special set lets you experience the benefits of each shape and size of our Modular Mates® storage solutions.

Add to your existing collection, or start a new one with this amazing bundle of containers curated for storage solutions to fit both deep and shallow shelves, and every type of dry contents, from sugar and flour to snack packs, loose snacks, coffee, teas, spices, pasta, and more. You’ll love how the clear containers let you easily see what each container holds so you can simply grab and go. Our specially-designed seals keep contents fresher for longer, so you save money as well as space.

Only 25 left in stock



4 x Super Oval 5 pour all seals

1 x Rectangular 1

1 x Rectangular 2

1 x Rectangular 3

1 x Rectangular 4

1 x Oval 1 plain seal

1 x Oval 2 plain seal

1 x Oval 3 plain seal

1 x Oval 4 plain seal

1 x Oval 5 plain seal

1 x Square 1

1 x Square 2

1 x Square 3

1 x Square 4

Rocker Scoopers x 4



  • Tough, stain-resistant plastic
  • Clear bases with polished windows to easily see contents
  • Airtight seals (excluding pour all seals)



  • Limited Lifetime Guarantee
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Do not use in microwave, oven or freezer.