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This classic Tupperware mixing bowl is perfect for when you need things exact. Ideal for baking, storing and transporting, this lightweight 3L bowl will make light work of all the mixing jobs in the kitchen.

This mixing bowl features a flat, stable base and curved rim. This bowl is easy to rip and ideal for quick and efficient kneading, mixing and creaming by hand or electric mixers.

The airtight seal locks in freshness and flavour – a must-have addition to all your Tupperware baking essentials.

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3L | 24 x 11cm


  • The curved rim on the top gives you a good grip when mixing and when carrying the bowl.
  • The straight sides are well rounded at the base for easy and thorough creaming and mixing by hand or hand-held electric mixers.
  • It is lightweight so you have little more than the weight of the ingredients to hold.


  • BPA Free
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Fridge Safe
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Electric beaters can mark the surface of the bowl, but will not affect the performance and not covered by a warranty.


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