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Meals in minutes. Bake, grill, crisp and sear meats, fish, vegetables and even cakes in the microwave!  We’ll show you how:

  • Thermal heat cooks, bakes and even browns food in the microwave. Just like a conventional oven or grill, thanks to a unique technology.
  • A non-stick coating ensures quick, healthy meals in a fraction of the time it takes in an oven, grill or frypan.
  • Less mess than conventional cooking with no smoke, smells, food splatters, or pots and pans to clean up.

There are a myriad of ways to feed the family fast using the MicroPro Grill. Click the video tab to watch how-to recipe tutorials for inspiration. Pick out your favourite recipe and host a party to experience it in action!

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All the tools of the trade - reach for the right helper every time.

The KP Narrow Spatula is an essential and versatile tool when cooking and baking - use it to spread icing, melted chocolate, jam, coulis or whipped cream on cakes; flip, manipulate and transport delicate cooked or baked goods and you can use it to even out dough or batter in the baking form.

A sturdy, ergonomic handle with a soft grip allows easy handling. Part of the Kitchen Preparation range, the KP Narrow Spatula features a bright purple coloured handle to easily differentiate it from the other KP tools. Hang, store in the drawer or stand holder.


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  • L 27.1 W 24.8 H 5.9 (Grilling)
  • L 27.1 W 24.8 H 8.99 (Casserole)
  • (1.5L capacity)


  • Microwave Safe
  • 3-year warranty
  • Not safe for use on grill
  • Use oven gloves





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