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Meals in minutes. Bake, grill, crisp and sear meats, fish, vegetables and even cakes in the microwave! Our famous MicroPro Grill offers unmatched cooking results straight from your microwave. Reduce the mess and make cooking a breeze for the entire family. The MicroPro Grill features include:

  • Thermal heat cooks, bakes and even browns food in the microwave. Just like a conventional oven or grill, thanks to a unique technology.
  • A non-stick coating ensures quick, healthy meals in a fraction of the time it takes in an oven, grill or frypan.
  • Less mess than conventional cooking with no smoke, smells, food splatters, or pots and pans to clean up.

There are a myriad of ways to feed the family fast using the MicroPro Grill. For inspiration, we offer all customers a free digital cookbook with every purchase of the MicroPro Grill!

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L 27.1 x  W 24.8 x  H 5.9 cm (Grilling) | L 27.1 x W 24.8 x H 8.99 cm (Casserole) | 1.5L capacity

Key Features and Benefits

  • Upgrade your microwave into a grilling, frying, and baking pan, thanks to its unique technology.​ An “all-in-one” product that allows for (two-sided) grilling (meaning both sides brown at the same time), casserole cooking including au gratin cooking, and even baking.
  • Your food is really grilling not zapped with microwaves, food is shielded from the microwave, the MicroPro Grill turns the microwave into thermal energy on the top and bottom surface to cook the ingredients.​
  • Perfect grilled results, super easy and without risk of burning, thanks to the heat regulation of the top and bottom susceptors at the optimal temperature of 220°C.
  • Ideal for everyday use for a 2-3 people family, with an inside capacity of 1 1/2 QT
  • Easy to clean and food doesn’t stick, thanks to the PFOA-free Eterna® non-stick coating
  • The MicroPro Series Grill is safe and spark-free in the microwave


  • Microwave Safe
  • Not safe for use on grill | Use oven gloves


  • MicroPro Grill: 3 year warranty

Chicken Parmesan

Easy Vegetarian Eggplant Lasagna



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