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The KP Pastry Server features sharp teeth on the edges to cut through many types of cakes, quiches and oven dishes such as lasagna or moussaka. A sturdy, ergonomic handle with a soft grip allows easy single-serve portioning and serving.

Part of the Kitchen Preparation range, the KP Pastry Server features a bright purple coloured handle to easily differentiate it from the other KP tools. Hang or store in the drawer.

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30cm x 7cm x 3cm


  • The teeth are sharp and allow you to cut through many different types of cakes, quiches and other oven dishes like lasagna or moussaka.
  • The ergonomic 2C handle is not sharp when you hold it sideways to cut and it is comfortable to hold when you lift the cake, quiche, etc.
  • Jet Black colour used for the body, minimizes the visual effect of staining that could happen with foods


  • BPA Free
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Limited Lifetime warranty

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