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Pack some fun into mealtime and send them to school with a tasty lunch inside this Insulated Lunch bag, Bento Box and Sports Bottle Set.

The lunch bag features an adjustable strap with shoulder padding and an insulated liner, keeping your lunch at an optimal temperature. The Bento box has a removable and adjustable divider that allows easy portioning and separation of food. The liquid-tight seal with large tabs is easy to open, keeps food fresh and stops even the sauciest dishes from leaking into backpacks and bags. The Sports Bottle is a handy 415ml capacity, with a detachable compartment at the bottom to hold your keys, fruit and nut mix, or protein powders.

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  • x1 Skylight Bento Box | 560ml | 21 x 13 x 3cm
  • x1 Dinosaur Insulated Lunch Bag | 10 x 21 x 28cm
  • x1 Skylight Sport Bottle | 415ml | 21 x 6cm

Key Features and Benefits

  • Bag | Insulated lunch bags keep food and beverages at a close temperature to the one they were previously stored at. The zipper is easy to close for the smallest of fingers. Padded shoulder rest for additional comfort and adjustable length shoulder strap.
  • Bento Box | Liquid-tight, virtually air-tight seals with large tab. Stackable slimline shape. Adjustable divider.
  • Sports Bottle | The unique design features a removable compartment for keys, money or other small items. Simply screw the compartment on or off the bottom of the bottle to stow personal belongings.


  • Bag | Spot or wipe clean only
  • Bento Box | BPA Free, Dishwasher Safe.
  • Sports Bottle | BPA Free, Dishwasher Safe.

Warranty (T&Cs Apply)

  • Bag | G Warranty
  • Bento Box | Limited lifetime warranty
  • Sports Bottle | Limited lifetime warranty