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This super-sharp knife gives even the most discerning home cooks more confidence in the kitchen. Modern and ergonomic, it’s perfectly weighted for your safety and ease of use. Made from Japanese stainless steel. The handle is specially designed to provide perfect clearance and improve efficiency when chopping foods. To use this Chef’s knife effectively: put the tip of the knife down on the cutting board, hold it at about a 45° angle over the food to be cut and push down, through and away, back and forth, up and down. As you rock the blade back and forth in the sawing motion, you will find the knife will cut and chop so effortlessly.

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  • 34cm


  • Q Guarantee (30 days) applies to blades
  • Hand washing only and towel drying for best results
  • Spots may appear on the blade which can be easily removed with a commercial stainless steel cleaner
  • Professional sharpening recommended
  • Do not dishwasher


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