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The Click to Go Line goes from fridge to microwave and anywhere you go; on a picnic, for lunch, or to a sports game. Each container easily stacks and clicks onto one another, along with a removable handle for ease of transport.


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3.1L | 20 x 13.5 x 15cm


  • Microwaveable Seal – allows you to re-heat directly in the container. Water-tight seal when toggle valve is closed.
  • Tabs on seals – on both sides allow for easy opening.
  • Clips and tabs on container – used to connect the containers together and connect the handle. Allows you to carry multiple containers with one handle (max 4 containers).
  • Internal etching – reduces visible scratching
  • Removable handle with arc/ergonomic grip – used to take the product on the go and provides easy comfort when carrying.
  • Toggle Valve – allows the product to be microwavable in the open position and when closed the product to be water-tight. (Never microwave the containers when they are connected/stacked together or when the handle is connected).
  • Feet on container – promotes even cooking due to increased air circulation when in the microwave.


  • Clean and dry your product before first use.
  • Microwave and Dishwasher safe
  • Do not microwave stacked/connected containers or with the handle attached.