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Opt for a clear plastic container with a glass-like appearance that allows you to see the contents at a glance. Never leave forgotten items in the fridge again! Part of our iconic Clear Mates range. Securely stacks on top of other Clear Mates containers to save refrigerator space. Environmental friendly – save on packaging waste at the Deli.  Clear Mates get it all mega set best way to store cheese, cold cuts and delicatessen.

Full collection of Clear Mate Fridge Storage containers.

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2 x Mini #2, 205ml
L 7.5 W 7.5 H 6.5
1 x Rectangle #2, 460ml
L 15 W 7.5 H 6.5
4 x Square #2, 1040ml
L 15 W 15 H 6.5
2 x Large Rectangle #1, 685ml
L 22.4 W 15 H 3.5
1 x Large Rectangle #2, 1062ml
L 22.4 W 15 H 6.5

The full collection of clear mates storage for your fridge all in one set.