Clarity Canister Station

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Clarity Canisters offer a glass-like appearance that looks good on any benchtop or inside the pantry. The virtually airtight cover is easy for the whole family to remove and re-cover to maintain freshness. Style up your kitchen, bathroom and laundry with these budget-friendly containers. Store and serve snacks, such as cookies, pretzels, rice crackers, potato chips, granola and much more.

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  • 1 x Clarity Canister #1 | 240ml/1 cup | 11 x 11 x 4.5cm
    Store and serve snacks, such as spices, tea bags, drinking chocolate, chocolates, lollies, dried fruits, nuts, etc
  • 2 x Clarity Canister #2 |  780ml/3 cups | 11 x 11 x 12cm
    Store and serve snacks, such as nuts, dried fruits, lollies, tea bags, coffee pods, sugar, etc.
  • 1 x Clarity Canister #3 | 1.3L/5 cups | 11 x 11 x 17cm
    Store and serve snacks, such as cookies, pretzels, rice crackers, potato chips, pastries, chocolate bars, cereal, granola, diced fresh fruit, etc
  • 1 x Clarity Canister #4 | 1.8L/7 cups | 11 x 11 x 22.5cm
    Store and serve snacks and foods, such as potato chips, granola bars, cereal, grains, dried legumes, pasta, etc.SAVE 10% when you buy the set!

Key Features and Benefits

  • Modular and stackable to maximise space in any area! Perfect for small kitchens; stack, store and serve
  • Can be used to store food/items in the pantry, kitchen cabinet/draw and fridge, easily identifying what’s inside each container
  • The silicone gasket provides a spillproof seal and locks in freshness.
  • Ergonomically designed for easy opening and closing
  • Translucent bases allows you to immediately and clearly see contents at a glance


  • Recommend hand washing to retain products appearance
  • Fridge Safe
  • Not suitable for the freezer, microwave or oven
  • Not suitable for flour or powdered ingredients, light-sensitive products (coffee) or acidic/citrus products (gummi bears)

Warranty (T&Cs Apply)

  • Base | Lifetime Guarantee
  • Seal | G warranty


1 review for Clarity Canister Station

  1. 5 out of 5

    Nicky Wyatt

    Great, stylish product.
    Looks great on the bench or in a cupboard.
    Great for storing kid snacks in, they can see what’s on offer, saves multiple packets being opened, easy to acces with ride rim that fits a hand into for easy access.

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Clarity Canister Station
$219.00 NZD
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