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This Chef’s Favourite Small Combo is the perfect starter set for anyone.

The 1.4L Chef Series Saucepan is perfect for cooking all your favourite meals including, sauces, soups and reheating stews. Protect your cookware when storing with our Pot Protectors, coming in two sizes. The KP beater is non-metallic, so it’s perfect for protecting your cookware from scratches and marks. Heat resistant to 120*C with the soft grip component heat resistant to 80°C.

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Chef Series 1.4L Saucepan

33 x 16 x 8cm


The Eterna® nonstick coating is the highest-quality and longest-lasting nonstick coating.
Encapsulated base – a combination of metals retains heat, limits hotspots.
Safe to use in conventional ovens up to 230°C/450°F.


  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Oven safe
  • Hand wash before use
  • Allow cookware to cool down gradually before cleaning
  • Hand wash for best results

Pot Protectors (2)


  • Set of 2
  • Small: 28.5 cm
  • Large: 38.5 cm


  • Helps protects your pots and pans against unnecessary scratching when they’re stored away
  • The two sizes gives you optimal coverage over your cookware.
  • Cute patterns – because who doesn’t love cute stuff!

KP Beater


30cm x 7cm


  • Durable and non-scratch
  • Designed to mix, blend, emulsify without ingredients getting caught
  • Heat resistant to 120*C


  • BPA Free
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Never leave any of the Kitchen Preparation Tools in the pan while cooking or when the pan is still hot while serving as it will cause melting of plastic of both tip and handle.



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