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Designed for versatile use, this sifter can be used for baking and decorating with multiple ingredients such as flour, powdered sugar and cacao. When in the open position the fold-out crank provides fast sifting for baking.  However, by folding the crank into the top of the device and turning the head the user is able to create precise decoration.

Its larger opening allows for easy refill and cleaning, perfect for the active baker.

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23 x 8.5 cm


  • The shape is comfortable to hold and so easy to use every day in the kitchen, as well as for serving at the table. Hold the sifter at an angle to control the amount dispensed.
  • Easy to fill, just remove the Seal, grid and propeller, fill then reassemble.
  • The classic round Seal protects the freshness and flavour of the contents. Seal after use and you can keep a sifter of flour and one of Icing Sugar, on the shelf, handy and instantly ready to use.
  • Easy to take apart for washing – just grasp the handle firmly, pull it off and the rod slips out.


  • Limited lifetime warranty

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