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The Tupperware Bottle Brush fits all Eco Bottles perfectly and is the ideal tool to keep your bottles spic and span. The long curved handle makes sure that you can reach all the inner sides of your bottle while the soft and hard bristles clean stubborn stains and reach the bottom of the bottle. Suitable for cleaning all types of bottles and can also be used to clean pitchers, vases, shakers and Mando Chef.

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39 x 5cm

  • Handle length is 30cm
  • The brush head measures 9cm


  • Designed to be “1 fit for all size”; fits all Kids Eco Bottles, EcoWater Bottles and Eco Bottle Gen II
  • The curve in the handle makes sure that you can reach all sides of your bottle to clean
  • The hair of the brush is hard enough to clean the stubborn stains inside the Eco Bottle


  • BPA Free
  • Hand wash only
  • Q warranty


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