Modular Mates

Modular Mates Jetblack

Modular Mates award winning individual dry food storage container components & sets are one of the most popular product lines for today’s busy customers. These translucent, modularly designed containers save space, organise kitchen space to make meal planning and preparation easier.

Make kitchen operations more efficient: Containers are translucent and can be grouped so it’s easy to keep supplies replenished and easy to find.

  • Save Space: Containers are modular in design, stackable and size related to each other so you can store more food in a limited space.
  • Save Money: The containers keep the food fresh so you won’t have to throw away spoiled foods. Also, you’ll know what you have and what you need so you won’t buy items you thought you were out of.
  • Double-Walled Seals/Lids, meaning the freshness stays in and moisture and bugs stay out! Your choice of seal colour to match your vibe! Choose from Klein Blue or Black.
  • Pantry Organisation: Each container is designed for a particular food item and labelled accordingly.

Modular Mates Size Guide | Measurement Guide

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