Pantry Perfection with Tupperware

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In a quarantined world, there’s nothing better (well maybe) than walking into a pantry that looks well organised and totally in order. But if you’ve found yourself with extra time to #konmari your kitchen, you’ll agree that being organised is about more than just finding things quickly – it’s about a sense of wellbeing, control and productivity that enables more JOY when life can feel quite overwhelming at this time.

Here are some obvious and not so obvious benefits of having a pantry that’s close to perfection.

1.     Look Good, Feel Good

We might be biased, but having a beautiful pantry where everything matches just feels good for the soul! When you open the pantry and see disorder, your mood can unknowingly drop. Cleaning and organising is a process that not only sorts out your pantry, but subconsciously helps you sort out the thoughts in your head. Having a well organised pantry with a place for everything and everything in its place will not only be aesthetically pleasing, but will have a calming effect, conveying a sense of being in control – even when you can’t control the outside world.

2.     Save Time and Money

When your pantry and fridge are organised, you’ll be able to quickly find things at a glance and be more productive and efficient in the kitchen, shaving off precious meal prep time. Our Modular Mates® are perfect for storing supplies and food items and they have transparent bases so you’ll know exactly what you have and when you need to top up. This will also assist with meal planning in advance – you’ll be able to create a shopping list with ease. Storing your food in larger containers will provide opportunities to buy in bulk, saving you money. See our fridge smarts below…

Pantry Perfection with Tupperware

3.     Fresher meals, longer

Having a well organised pantry saves you even more money by avoiding food wastage – you definitely won’t find an old out-of-date packet of pasta at the back of a Tupperware pantry, which will need to be binned! The Modular Mates® range has unique air tight seals to keep your food fresher for longer and pantry moths out.

4.     Maximise Pantry Space

Tupperware knows how to maximise your pantry space. The Modular Mates neatly fit together and stack beautifully, creating a more organised and functional environment. You might re-consider that kitchen reno when you realise that a good storage system can also give you a tidy and calm kitchen – so you can prepare food with joy.

Pantry Perfection with Tupperware

Build Your Dream Pantry

Did you know we can help with Custom Kitchen Planning for your dream pantry?

Connect with one of our Tupperware consultants to find out how your pantry (and fridge) can get a major overhaul and make-over.

You’ll also get an education on the benefits of food conservation and optimal storage. You can choose from a one-on-one or group consultation with friends and family.


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