Onboarding Programme

Becoming a Consultant

Want to earn more to spend or save each week???? 

Would you like to be in control of when you work? How you work?

Would you like to set up an online storefront and keep income coming in over Christmas? Or do you want to do inhouse demonstrations?  Or both??

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above, then becoming a Tupperware Consultant might be just the ticket!! Whether you currently work full-time / part-time / some-time, there are opportunities for all.  By purchasing one of our Business Kits (which contain a sample of our top-sellers at highly discounted prices), you can start building your Tupperware empire today. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to demonstrate in person, build an awesome online storefront (using the systems and tools we provide) or create a business using a combination of both methods.   By purchasing the kit up front, you start earning from your very first sale.  Every new Consultant also has the opportunity to earn their Kit purchase price back by completing an Onboarding Programme that’s designed to support your success.

With Tupperware, you’re in business for yourself not by yourself … you’ll be supported with full training and a passionate community.

Training + Mentoring

Enjoy free, flexible training and mentoring from your Manager and the wider Tupperware community, that covers how to run in-home parties and/or an online business.  You’ll be joining a supportive network of likeminded, passionate people who work with a brand name that people know and trust.   

While we recommend working through the various training modules, it’s up to you.

Rewards + Discounts

As a New Consultant you have an exclusive onboarding program where you can hone your skills and qualify for free product to add to your kit, or even earn your kit purchase price back!  But the fun doesn’t stop there.  All Consultants receive exclusive discounts and can qualify for rewards including all-inclusive holidays and other gifts to support your business and/or to share with the family. 

Build Online

Selling face to face isn’t for everyone – we get it, and we have training in case you want to give it a try, but in case it’s not what you were after … Our training will help you learn how to optimise your social network and sell online.  We’ll even create the tiles for you to share with your friends, families and followers.  Our training has been created by people just like you who understand about optimising for online success.

Flexible Hours

Choose your own hours and work around your family and lifestyle. You can work from home in your time – or out while doing what you do!

Did you know that all of our Consultants are independent business owners?  This means that they are in control of how and when work. It depends on whether you are wanting a part-time income or even a career change.  We have Consultants that include people from corporate backgrounds, stay-at-home mums, retirees and of course people that just want something else to do.

Great Income

From day one, you will be earning commission on every customer’s order. Do more, earn more! 

We will transfer your earnings each week to the bank account you nominate in your dashboard/account.

Self-Promoting Career Path

Our self-promoting Career Path is also open to ALL Consultants.  If you’re someone who wants more, then this might just be the thing for you.  By building and developing your own team, you will be able to unlock additional earning potential as well as rewards, and even trips!!

Business Made Easy

  • No packing.
  • No deliveries. 

We’ve been working very hard on the systems that support our Consultants and we’ve enhanced the way we do business.  Many of you will be familiar with our party plan model where events were held inhouse.  Did you know that you can now continue the tradition and even complement it with an online presence where your storefront can stay open 24/7 and be COVID safe.  

Regardless of which business model you develop or combine, your customers will be able to place their orders online and pay for them using a variety of payment methods.  Our Warehouse will ship those orders direct to your Customer so there’s no packing and no deliveries.  We’ll even transfer your earnings each week to your nominated bank account! 

Tupperware can be what you want it to be – full time, part time, any time.  The choice is yours.   

How Do I Start?

Step 1. Before purchasing a Business Kit, you will need to agree to the Authorised Tupperware Consultant Terms and Conditions and the General and Social Media Code of Conduct.  We believe in creating a safe and healthy work environment for everyone. 

Step 2. Once you’ve read and agreed to these, you will be able to purchase a Business Kit. We currently have two (2) on offer. 

Prices are inclusive of GST. Freight will be charged separately. 

STEP 3: Please make sure to let us know whether you’ve come to this point on your own, or whether another Consultant or Manager has helped you along the path so far.  We’d like to recognise them as well!

Once you’ve passed through the checkout, your order will be sent to our Warehouse where it will be packed and shipped.  You will receive an email from us with your account log-in details.  Please make sure to change your password.

Now What?

While you’re waiting for your Kit to arrive, we’ll be in contact to make the introductions and help you navigate the early days of your business.   You’ll find out about training, meetings and promotions that you can start working towards.  

Then it’s your time to shine!  We look forward to celebrating all of your successes very soon.