Meal Prep & Freezing

Interest in pre-prepared meals, meal prepping has increased due to the cost of groceries thanks to COVID. More people are asking about ways to lower the cost of meals and also how to prepare extra meals for days when they don’t want to cook.

Saving money is one of the driving forces of this, but also the health benefits of preparing home cooked meals.

Preservative free, fresh vegetables and other fresh ingredients are a positive improvement on ready made processed food.

Below we have covered some of the most common questions we hear about meal prepping and freezing meals to enjoy later.

Best meal prep ideas (plan-overs)

Here are some recipes that you can make, eat over a few days or freeze for meal planning purposes.

They feature our Micro Pressure Cooker which can cook slow cooker type soft and tender meals with loads of flavour in 30 minutes or less. The ultimate time and hassle saver!

More recipes that freeze well:

How to make and freeze meal prep bases

Here are some quick and easy ideas for meal bases:

How do I start meal prepping

It’s easy to get started. Plan recipes to cook and freeze based on what food is on special where possible. If you plan on eating part of your meal and freezing the rest (plan overs as we like to call them), buy extra food so you can cook a few extra servings to pop into your meal prep containers for freezing.

Meal prepping on a budget

Download this ebook with lots of ideas for saving money on meals & groceries.

Money Saving Meal And Shopping Tips To Save You Money.

What containers should I use for meal prep

If you are looking for maximum flexibility and less dishes to wash. Use meal prep containers that can go directly into the freezer but can be reheated directly in the microwave later. Ensure they are freezer safe, microwave safe and can stack for easy access in your freezer.

Heat N Eats are an investment that last for years. With the vented seals, you don’t need to worry about microwave mess from splatter. Simple pop open the sea, reheat and enjoy.

Are plastic containers ok for meal prep

This depends on the brand and composition of the containers you intend on using. Most plastic containers can leach chemicals under heat or warp. Buy left over containers that are invisible to microwaves, meaning the microwaves travel around and through the containers. These types of containers reheat after and much more evenly – no more having to take a guess at reheating times.

Is glass or plastic better for meal prep containers

Some glass does not like being in the freezer. It also takes longer to heat in the microwave as your microwave will have to heat the glass as well as the food. This can cause uneven heating, where you have a cold centre and piping hot edges. If you re wanting a meal in a hurry after a long day, reduces cooking times are desirable.

Containers that heat faster also allow you to reheat more slowly so you are not overcooking (recooking) the meal. Reheating on a lower settings retains a nicer taste and texture.

What size containers should I get for meal prep

Individual meals can be saved in smaller containers, as well as bases like stock and pasta sauces. Again, smaller dishes can be heated much faster, and you can easily decide what size meal you feel like eating. Heat n Eats allow you to eat right out of the container as a bowl or square dish.

Is it safe to microwave meal prep containers

Some yes, read below to find out what to look for when reheating food.

What containers are microwave save for reheating food

This depends on the type of material they are made of. Many plastic takeaway containers or cheaper meal containers can release chemicals into food when heated. Flip your container over and look at the base of the dish to find a microwave safe indicator digram or text.

If you don’t see an indicator, it is safer in our opinion to avoid using it. Not only do many plastics leach chemicals but they can also lose their shape, so the lids no longer fits. This leads to waste if you have to through them out, and can be expensive if you are replacing cheaper containers more often.

Our Heat n Eat left over containers have a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects, and are designed to be robust enough to go from freezer to microwave without becoming brittle.

Do you freeze meal prep

Some people choose to meal prep for a few days or a week, and prepare part of the meal ready to assemble later.

How do you meal prep for a week

Read the following articles about how to prepare meals for a week.

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Tupperware’s lifetime guarantee means you are investing in long term use of cleverly designed products to make meal prep and storage a breeze.

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