Make Wicked Pancakes With Your Kids

Simon Gault’s Wicked Pancakes

Recipe by Simon GaultCourse: BreakfastDifficulty: Easy


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  • 1 ½ CUPS Spelt Flour (Spelt flour can be substituted one-for-one for the whole wheat flour)

  • 2 TBSP Coconut Sugar

  • 1 TBSP Baking Powder

  • ¼ TSP Salt

  • 1 Egg (lightly beaten)

  • 1 TSP Vanilla Essence (optional)

  • 1 TSP Apple Cider Vinegar (or lemon juice)

  • 1½ CUPS Oat Milk (or any milk of your choosing)

  • 2 TBSP Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • Butter & Extra Virgin Olive Oil for cooking the pancakes

  • A dusting of Icing Sugar

  • Fresh Fruit

  • Coconut Yogurt (you can also use cream)

  • Maple Syrup


  • In a large bowl stir together flour coconut, sugar, baking powder, and salt.
  • In another small bowl lightly whisk the egg, vanilla essence (optional), milk, and olive oil together.
  • Pour egg mixture into flour mixture whilst whisking. Stir until you have a smooth pancake batter consistency.
  • Heat your CS Frying Pan with a knob of butter and a splash of olive oil over medium heat.
  • Pour about 1/3 cup (80ml) of the batter into the pan for each pancake.
  • Cook pancakes for 1-2 minutes on each side, or until they’re golden.
  • Use a fish slice to flip them, or flip using your pan. For flipping, hold the pan handle and ease a fish slice under the pancake, then quickly lift and flip it over. Make sure the pancake is lying flat against the base of the pan with no creases or folds.
  • Cook the remaining batter the same way. Serve with fresh fruits of your choice, along with icing sugar, coconut yoghurt (or whipped cream), and maple syrup (or honey).


  • Why Spelt Flour?
    Spelt flour has a mild, nutty flavour which is great for Pancakes. It is a popular alternative to highly processed wheat flour, especially given it is higher in protein than white flour. It is high in fibre and has some essential nutrients, such as iron, magnesium, and zinc. Spelt flour is high in carbs and gluten and should not be used if on a low carb or GF diet.

    If you have a wheat allergy or sensitivity, though, all-purpose flour is off-limits. Spelt flour is an ideal alternative because it is wheat-free and has a delicious, nutty flavour.

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