How To Cook Rice Perfectly Every Time

Rice is an integral part of many meals. It is used in so many different cuisines from Mexican to Chinese to Indian. This means you really need to learn the art of cooking flawless rice every time that your family will love. And, if you are wondering just how to cook rice, you are not alone.

While rice may seem like an easy dish, like many things, it can be deceptively hard. It’s not intuitive to most people how to make rice fluffy, soft and seasoned. Well, we’re here to help you out and you will have the perfect rice every time. Then, you can make so many new wonderful recipes.

Rice is so versatile that it can also be a main dish and even dessert; it depends on how you prepare them.  Rice is a plentiful ingredient that keeps well stored in the fridge or freezer when cooked, and it’s perfect to use in many delicious recipes.

Another alternative to stove top you can also save yourself time by cooking it in a Micro Rice Cooker. You can cook both brown and white rice in the microwave in just a few minutes thanks to the cleverly designed starch catcher. This unique product lets you both cook and serves up to 4 cups, all from one container. Simply place ingredients into the container base, add the insert, snap on the cover onto the base and let your microwave do all the work.

Did you know that rice comes in several varieties other than white and brown rice?

Each type of rice comes with its own unique qualities, features, texture, smell, flavor, and uses. From the aromatic jasmine rice to the nutty brown rice, every type of rice is simply unique, to say the least.

Check out all this yummy rice recipes

Want to cook something other than rice?

Here’s a handy cooking times list:

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