Healthy Fitness Bowl

Healthy breakfast or brunch fitness bowl made at home. Full of nutritional goodness and crunchy deliciousness with the combo of green salad, eggs, hummus, sauerkraut or kimchi topped with dukkah.

Serves 2

Preheat your Tupperware 24cm frypan with one – two tablespoons of oil or butter

Fry chopped kale with garlic oil or butter to taste

Bacon (optional can use salmon or chicken or tofu)

Fry 4 slices of Haloumi cheese

Garnish with fresh salad greens or baby spinach

Poach, fry or scramble 4 eggs

TOP WITH ANY OF THE FOLLOWING Salt and Pepper Chopped Nuts Dukkah Hummus Sauerkraut Sour Cream Balsamic Glaze Aioli Sweet & Sour Sauce or whatever you like

Serve and enjoy

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