Friendship Club

Friendship Club Board

We’d like to celebrate the achievements of the following Friendship Club members!

Caroline Thompson

Gina Kerr

Hannah Clifford

One of the most meaningful parts of our Tupperware culture is the relationships built. In almost 100 countries, our business opportunity has brought women together, resulting in countless lifelong friendships. 

There’s nothing more important to us than celebrating the success of our incredible Tupperware Business owners who truly love what they do.

So when you start your own business in Tupperware, you have the opportunity to join a prestigious club we like to call the friendship club, by sharing the opportunity within your first 8 weeks in the business. When you do, you will see your name up in lights as you join our Friendship Club board and earn $150 of your choice of Tupperware products.

The friendship club stands as a symbol of fellowship and our commitment to positively impact lives that remain at the heart of our company in New Zealand.