CKP – Custom Kitchen Planning

Tupperware knows how to keep food fresh!

Book a CKP – or Custom Kitchen Planning session either in home or virtually online.

Kelly Devoy – Manager explains what a CKP is below:

Beyond your pantry goals a Custom Kitchen planning Consultation for your fridge and freezer is an education on the benefits of food conservation and optimal storage using our revolutionary VentSmarts, CoolMates, ClearMates and FreezerKeepers.

You will learn about correct zones in your fridge and freezer to store food, how to refrigerate and freeze different foods appropriately and, most importantly, understand different ways to save money through food preservation and bulk-buying.

You can choose from a one-on-one or a group consultation with friends and family.


With group CKP Consultation not only will you benefit from a makeover for your fridge and freezer but your friends and family will pick up hints and tips as well!

As a valued host of a group of a group CKP Consultation you will be eligible to take advantage of the Host Rewards program based on total purchases made by you and your guests. Please ask your Consultant to share the current .


Being organised is about more than just finding things quickly. it’s about the sense of wellbeing, control and productivity that enables more time for the enjoyable things in life.

Tupperware’s Custom Kitchen Planning Consultations create an organised and more functional space, so you can:

  • Get the most out of your space
  • Find ingredients at a glance
  • Assess what you have on hand and create a shopping list with ease
  • Prepare foods with pleasure rather than it being a chore
  • Save time and money
  • Enjoy a tidy and calm kitchen!

Your Tupperware Consultant will work with you to find the perfect conservation and storage solutions for your pantry, fridge and freezer.

Book your free Tupperware CKP Consultation with your Consultant today!

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