Create Your Own Future!

You’ve seen our products, you may love our products, but did you know we are more than just our products?

I’ve heard that you can now sell Tupperware online without having to do parties or talk to people in person, is this true?

Yes! You now have the option of promoting Tupperware 100% online as a social seller! Customers shop online and we ship to customers direct (current average delivery time 3 to 5 days).

For over 70 years, Tupperware’s success around the world is due to people like you wanting to share their passion for our products and earn an income along the way!

As of Feb 2022 we have added a brand new way to kickstart your Tupperware business. It’s called Social Selling, where you can do your own thing (yes online training is provided) and earn an income in your own time!

As we like to say, you are in business for yourself, not by yourself.

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